Re-purpose & Re-create

By Jasnam Sachathep

How to rewear your wedding outfit.

I read somewhere the other day that, “nothing lasts forever, but an Indian girl’s lehenga does.” But does it? Being an Indian means a super dhoom dhaam wedding that’s always at least a few days long, with events that are always in full swing! What does that mean for the clothes that people wear, especially for the happy couple? With so much investment in the wedding, clothes are of the utmost importance. The couple needs to stand out, and that usually means jaw-dropping outfits with a lot of glamour and glitz. And with flying all the way to India to get top designer outfits considered a common tradition, there are no limits.

The real question is, what happens to these outfits after the wedding is over? Rewearing your entire outfit to someone else’s wedding, replete with the same jewellery sets, is still considered a faux pas, so oftentimes, they just gather dust in one’s wardrobe. Luckily, fashion has evolved and adapted so much that re-wearing your outfit yet staying appropriate to the occasion, while looking different enough from your wedding, has become very possible in different ways. We’ve curated a list of just a few options:


That’s right, forget the gossipers and rewear your outfit just the same way you did on your wedding day! Keep the original look and make it worth the investment one last time. However, you can still look fresh with a different hair style or lighter makeup, as hair, makeup, accessories and jewellery are a big part of changing up your look to remain appropriate for the occasion. However, I’d suggest you only do this for the weddings of immediate family or very close friends, where you’d be expected to dress heavier for the event.


If the outfit is an anarkali then it can be cut into two parts, separating the top from the bottom. This then allows for a mix and match option as well as a new look. On the flip side, stitching it back up is an option for lehengas. This would create a new anarkali altogether.


A very common way to rewear outfits is to mix and match. One top can be used with many different bottoms, and vice versa. The problem with wedding outfits that make them difficult to rewear is usually how heavy they are. With the mix and match option, crop tops can be used with lehenga skirts or the same blouse can be reworn with different bottom options: palazzo pants, shararas, etc. to create a new look entirely. Just make sure to find a matching element, such as the colour, the material, or even the work, to make sure that the outfit comes together.


Wedding lehengas usually have a big, fluffy cancan that gives it the exquisite, grand look that you need for the wedding. Removing this can help lighten the outfit and make it more manageable and wearable for future events.


The dupatta is usually an important element of any wedding outfit. For your own wedding, they’re usually very heavy and embroidered or patterned to have a unique look and feel, to fit the occasion. Either wear your wedding outfit with a much lighter dupatta, or partner your heavier, wedding dupatta with a regular suit to recreate new party wear outfits.


I am personally so glad to see this concept becoming more and more popular. When you feel like you are done with your outfit and prefer not to wear it anymore, why let it sit in your closet and go to waste? There are so many other people who would prefer not to spend on buying an outfit but have no problem at all with renting it for an occasion. Designer brands, especially, attract crowds as the value never dies! In India, this concept is very common, and in Bangkok it is upcoming so keep your eyes peeled for more options to rent out your wedding outfits – you’ll even get some of your investment back this way!

Luckily, in today’s world with so much fast fashion, there are really no limits to what can be worn and what is considered stylish. The blend of traditional as well as modern looks is so fascinating that it leaves so much room for invention and creativity. Even though there are fashion trends, people still rock their own style and carry their own glam. So, if you are planning to get married soon, don’t fret as options to rewear are plenty, and if you are already married and have your wedding outfits stowed away somewhere, it is time to pull them out and make something out of them.