Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River

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ABOUT Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River

The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River is a stunning resort perched by the River of Kings, and the city’s newest property from the Four Seasons brand, often considered synonymous with luxury and sophistication. An urban sanctuary in Bangkok’s old-town art district, the venue is sure to inspire, with its collection of cascading, outdoor terraces that channel Lake Como in Italy; range of gourmet local and international F&B offerings, from Italian to Chinese; and river-view function rooms. With a focus on creating memorable events, the hotel offers multi-course gala dinners, customised dining, and unforgettable spaces throughout, including their award- winning BKK Social Club bar.

Masala Recommends: for the seamless transition of a grand indoor reception to an outdoor setting on an exclusive terrace, an undoubted highlight of the property; its ballroom designed by Jean-Michel Gathy; and for its exceptional F&B options.

event areas




The Four Seasons Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 900 guests

Capella Bangkok

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ABOUT Capella Bangkok

Arguably one of the more exclusive luxury hotel brands in the world, Capella is known for embodying excellence, curating a culture of hospitality, and impeccable design by world-renowned architects. Capella Bangkok, a relatively-new entrant in Bangkok’s glut of luxe riverfront properties, is no exception. Its elegant, river-facing venues ensure a unique wedding backdrop for all your wedding events, while you can take advantage of their range of world- class F&B offerings, including the iconic Stella bar and Côte By Mauro Colagreco, conceptualised by the three- Michelin-starred chef in its name. The cherry on top of the beautifully-crafted (wedding) cake is their seasoned events team who are masters of personalisation and bringing your wedding vision to life.

Masala Recommends: for its ultra-luxury, world-class hospitality and service, riverfront courtyard for outdoor celebrations, and its large and beautifully- appointed 747sqm ballroom.

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The Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 650 guests

Grand Richmond Hotel

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A little north of Central Bangkok, in Nonthaburi, Grand Richmond Hotel is a stylish convention hotel perfect for largescale events, such as your wedding day itself or a glitzy reception for your loved ones from far and wide. One of the largest properties in the city, with a staggering 774 keys, this hotel has 28 impressive and versatile function rooms, including large, cutting-edge LED screens to elevate all your events. Health and wellness is also a large part of their vision, and they offer wellness specialists, healthy cuisine, and holistic spa treatments.

Masala Recommends: for those looking for a newer hotel away from the busiest parts of the city, that can accommodate large groups; and for those searching for a massive and beautifully- appointed ballroom.

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Largest event space (cocktail style): The Richmond Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 1,500 guests

Picture This

Picture This

By Kiran Khanijow

Free open spaces in Bangkok for a pre-wedding photo shoot. 

Athough indoor studios have numerous benefits for pre-wedding photo shoot sessions, such as full light and climate control, shooting outdoors has become a growing trend for the last few years. The benefits are numerous: from the natural joy of being outside, to endless options for alternate shots and backdrops, increasing both visual interest and versatility. For many, it’s a unique and romantic way to show yourselves off, with couples even going to London, Paris, or other more exotic locations to get that perfect shot. However, for the budget conscious, fear not! Bangkok is also home to some beautiful parks and open spaces that could provide the perfect stunning backdrop – and better yet, for free.

Before you explore any of these magical sites, however, things to keep in mind include getting your shots during the magic hours of sunrise and sunset, comfortable shoes as you walk between locations, and staying hydrated.

  1. China Town (Yaowarat Road) and Old-Town Riverside

    You may think that this and the adjoining ‘Little India’ are a strange place to organise a pre-wedding photoshoot, but it can be one of the most unique and exquisite backdrops in the city. Always a busy and charming place with its vibrant décor and colour, narrow and busy side streets, food stalls, and tuk-tuks galore, it’s a street full of stories waiting to be discovered – and you can easily create your own, any time of the day or night. Depending on the time of day, the shots can look completely different, and the area is a maze with many surprises, including the street art-filled hub, Talaad Noi. You can even take unique pictures among old car parts if you visit the latter, for a less ostentatious and more industrial vibe; or in the middle of Yaowarat Road itself, for a daring, long-exposure shot. If you’re a couple fascinated by people, history and cultural diversity, this is the place for you.|

  2. Siam Square
    If you want a more urban- jungle vibe, this is the perfect spot for you. While in China Town you can capture the beauty of old Bangkok, Siam Square is the hub of all things cool. Lately revamped with a whole new look, this hotspot for teens and young adults can turn out to also be a hotspot for your photo shoot. Even though this area lacks greenery, it makes up for it with trendy cafés, boutiques and markets. The skywalk, the zone that connects to all the main department stores in the area such as Siam Paragon and CentralwOrld, could be one of the most interesting spots you’ll find in the city. With its structures for shade that are reminiscent of lily pads, this entire district is covered in art by renowned Thai street artists, and will be sure to make for some distinctive shots if you can edit out the crowds.

  3. Rama IX Park 

    If you want to capture the skyline but still add variety to your photos, then the largest park in the city would be one of the best choices for you. This slice of paradise behind Seacon Square features beautiful pavilions, a large lake, and extensive flower gardens. Here, there are gardens with exotic flowers inspired by some of the greatest gardens in the world, such as the French garden replete with a colonnade and sculptures, and the Italian garden with its beautiful fountains. There’s also a Chinese- and American-inspired garden as well (THB 10 entrance fee).

  4. Bang Krachao

    Thanks to the government’s orders to keep this place commercially undeveloped to preserve its lush beauty, Bang Krachao is a portal to a whole new world away from the chaos of the city. Also known as the ‘Green Lung of Bangkok,’ you can take raw and authentic photos on this river island without the city’s skyscrapers and shopping malls, especially
    if you want to incorporate the beauty of nature. Options include any of its numerous walking or cycling trails (look out for cyclists if you choose the latter); along its canals; at the eco-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel (though you may have to ask the hotel for permission); the Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden; and its many picturesque cafés.

  5. Lumphini Park 

    Another oasis that also functions as the city’s green lungs is Lumphini Park, the oldest public park in the city and widely considered by some to be one of the world’s best parks. With carefully- curated lawns, an artificial lake, and local flora, you will undoubtedly get beautiful shots here, with the best views of the surrounding skyline through the trees and over the lake. There are numerous spots for you to choose from, such as the famed clock tower, or the Lanna Pavilion.

  6. Chocolate Ville

    A whimsical setting that still looks modern, you’ll forget that you’re in Thailand when you step into Chocolate Ville. A charming place with its European village theme, can take photos with the chapel, barn, clock tower, railway station or my personal favourite, the windmill and the lighthouse. The list is endless and you’ll definitely have a blast with your partner! Every corner is Instagram-worthy and will transport you – and your pictures – to a different time in another country.

  7. Rama VIII Bridge 

    This suspension bridge crosses the Chao Phraya river, with Arun Amarin on one side. There is space for pedestrians and cyclists on both sides of the bridge so you won’t have to worry about traffic while you take that perfect shot. The asymmetrical structure of the bridge makes it one of the most recognisable in the country, and it’s also the world’s largest asymmetrical-styled cable bridge. From the height of this bridge, you’ll get to capture the cityscape and the stunning River of Kings, and it’s one of the best spots to capture the sunset as well. Right next to the bridge is also the Rama VIII Park, another beautiful spot by the river bank where you can get some shots while you’re in the area.

Love’s Treasure Trove

Love’s Treasure Trove

By Shaan Bajaj

A quick and easy guide to buy wedding jewellry, with insight from Khanna Jewellers.  

A woman’s wedding jewellery feels sacred, with some families starting years before she’s even old enough to find a partner, while grandmothers and close aunties might even take a peek in their own treasure boxes, for an ornament to
pass on to you on your special day. As a blushing bride-to-be, you may receive jewellery from family members, along with jewellery from your partner’s family, but you will also have to buy a couple of pieces and your own wedding set. Since jewellery is often an investment and a statement of your own personal style, buying your wedding jewellery is a significant step on your (very long) wedding to-do list.
To help you get started, Masala has put together a helpful guide, along with advice from highly-acclaimed Khanna Jewellers.

First things first, what type of jewellery is available?
Understanding the different types of work, their aesthetic, and value, will play important factors in your decision making process.

  • Jadau Jewellery

    Jadau refers to a jewellery-making technique that traces back to the Mughal empire, however, it has been perfected by the Rajasthani and Gujarati craftsmen. The gold is framed for uncut diamonds, pearls, or precious stones, they are then embedded into the gold, without the use of any bonding element. This process is used for polki, kundan, and meenakari jewellery. It is made entirely by hand, therefore a big set can take months to complete.

    Kundan jewellery uses this process, but kundan specifically refers to the purest form of gold. The gold used to encase the stones and diamonds is 24k gold. While polki jewellery refers to uncut diamonds, this can be set in a kundan frame, and the technique used to make the set is called jadau. A set like this would be called a kundan polki set. If you are looking for a traditional set, one that will make you feel like royalty on your wedding day, look out for these sets.

    Look out for:
    – The purity of gold that is used: it should be 22k gold or higher
    – If the embedded stones are precious or semi-precious
    – Kundan jewellery uses 24k gold, so ask your jeweller for a certificate

  • Meenakari
    When you see colourful and intricate sets of traditional jewellery, in pretty pastels or royal hues, with artistic patterns, it is most likely the use of meenakari, where gold or silver has been coloured with enamel. This can be used in kundan and polka sets too.

  • Diamonds and Gemstones 
    One of the most sought after and stunning looks is one that uses diamond and gemstone sets. From an array of just diamonds or a mix of diamonds and stones, a diamond set will look just as sparkly many years down the line. It is a popular choice amongst brides for their reception or sangeet. Don’t be afraid to add a hint of colour with a variety of precious stones like emeralds, rubies, tanzanite, and more.

What should you consider before buying a piece of jewellery?

• Is this going to be an investment piece?
• What is its re-sale value?
• Can you see yourself using it in the future?
• Do you feel comfortable wearing it? There is nothing worse than earrings that are too heavy to wear.
• Does it represent your style?

• When buying necklaces, think of how it would fit into your wardrobe and current lifestyle. Think about buying multi-purpose necklaces, where they are either detachable, reversible, or maybe even consider layering two necklaces for your wedding, that you can then use separately.
• Before you choose your wedding lehenga, buy your set. People often mistakenly think you should buy your outfit first, however your wedding set will be a bigger investment. This way, you will be able to customise the neckline of your outfit to suit your set, rather than vice versa.
• Once you buy your set, there are two people you have to discuss it with. Firstly, your bridal outfit designer, to ensure they fit the aesthetic and there is no clash between metals or work. Secondly, your hair dresser. They will help you decide hairstyles, and how to hold up the various pieces, especially if you will be wearing a tikka or nath.
• If you are in doubt, look for timeless pieces over trending pieces.
• One of the best pieces to invest in is earrings. They are incredibly versatile, and can make a statement when needed.
• Invest in a few basic gold pieces that can be worn with Indian and Western wear.

Masala asked Kartik Khanna, Creative Director of Khanna Jewellers, for his expert insight on what to look out for when buying your wedding jewellery.

How many sets do you recommend a bride purchases? And what type of sets would you recommend?

I would suggest six, including the wedding set. The reason for this is to make sure the bride has a variety. I would suggest at least the wedding set first, as it is usually more traditional, using either polka or gold. Additionally, I would recommend adding a diamond set with coloured stones or diamonds.

Which type of set has lasted the test of time?
Diamonds, specifically a solitaire string on a necklace, is a timeless piece.

What new jewellery trends have you seen recently?
Nowadays brides are looking for small chokers, stackable bracelets, everyday jewellery, and statement earrings.

What are the most valuable sets to have as an investment and would you be able to sell them back?
Selling jewellery back is fairly easy, as most jewellers have a buy-back policy. In terms of investing in value, look for bigger pieces with diamonds, or sets which include real and high- quality coloured stones, like emeralds and rubies.

What is the biggest mistake you can make when buying wedding jewellery?
People sometimes compromise on the making costs, and go for alternative and cheaper makes. In the long run, I feel like that is a really bad decision, because a product can only speak to its lifespan. People look at making costs a lot, but a well-made piece will last the test of time.

Another mistake is that sometimes people look at trends rather than buying pieces that really speak to them.

How can you take care of your wedding jewellery and make sure it retains its shine?
Storing and packaging is one of the major points, you should store all the different pieces individually in plastic pouches, and then place them in cushion boxes. Try to avoid the new fancy boxes, because they have a lot of chemicals, and these react with gold and stones, and might cause colour changes.

Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon

By Shaan Bajaj

Romantic retreats across the land of smiles, for every kind of couple!

Congratulations! You’re officially married, and made it to the other side of the wedding! Your honeymoon is the first gift of your relationship, and hence, where you spend it is a significant decision. Have a look at our curated list of resorts, with various options for an ultimate getaway.

Out-of the-box?
Is that how you would like your honeymoon? Look no further, because these three hotels are unlike any other! Immerse yourself in these resorts; this is especially suitable for couples whose love language is shared experiences.
Loy Pela Voyages, Bangkok

All aboard Loy Pela Voyages, an exquisite river cruise where you can cruise down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, with
a customised itinerary stopping along temples, villages, and Bangkok’s natural landscapes. The ship itself is a restored rice barge, with only eight suites, offering you and your partner complete privacy. The rooms are stylish and airy, with large windows, balconies and terraces to watch Bangkok go by. In addition to sipping on sundowners on their deck, you can take a dip into the pool or book a spa. Book this one-of-a- kind experience and start your honeymoon doing something completely out of the ordinary.
Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Golden Triangle

Located in the Golden Triangle, near the borders of Myanmar and Laos, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is a bucket list resort, making it an ideal choice for your honeymoon. Elephants are a big part of Thailand’s history and culture, and at the camp, you can learn about the resort’s conservation programme, while getting involved in a variety of activities including bathing, feeding, and trekking. The camp itself is a bubble of luxury, where you can also avail of their spa treatments and take in the natural surroundings.
InterContinental Khao Yai Resort, Khao Yai

In the middle of the mountainous region of Khao Yai, just a stone’s throw away from Khao Yai National park, is a resort unlike any other. InterContinental Khao Yai Resort, invites you on their repurposed train carriages to explore Thailand’s golden age of train travel. Set in a luscious tropical rainforest, you can step away from the bustling world, and spend your time being transported to your own little post-marital bubble, all while pampering yourself spoilt with the resort’s dining and spa options.
Celebrate your nuptials at one of these romantic resorts that are completely tucked away from the world. As you enter a new chapter in your relationship, these resorts will allow the both of you to build a strong foundation.
Six SensesYao Noi, Koh Yao Noi

Situated in the stunning landscapes of Phang Nga Bay, Six Senses Yao Noi opens its doors for you to get in touch with nature and yourself. Away from the buzz, this luxury island retreat is everything a newly-married couple can want. Their comfortable and palatial 56 villas are built on stilts, and hidden amongst the trees, giving you a bird’s eye view of the bay or forest. Oh, and they all come with a private pool, and a GEM (Guest Experience Maker), who will help you personalise your vacation. The resort showcases Thai food with home-grown ingredients in their four dining outlets, while their Six Senses Spa and Wellness is second to none. To make your stay even more special, book an island-hopping tour and discover the Andaman archipelago.
The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuket, Naka Yai Island

This private island resort is an exclusive haven, with your every wish taken care of. Only accessible by a speedboat or helicopter, the resort is synonymous with unparalleled luxury. With 23 deluxe rooms and 67 villas, book one of their pool villas to watch the sunset over Phang Nga Bay. Switch off and let go of all your worries as you take up everything the island has to offer, starting with their waterfront Z Bar, where you can refresh yourself with a cocktail or two, before heading to one of their three beachside restaurants. To top it off, take your partner for a spa treatment or plunge into a pool and live your best island life.
Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villas, Koh Yao Yai
Apristine golden beach and awe-inspiring views of limestone islets, set amongst coconut groves, are what await you at the all-new island resort of Anantara Koh Yao Yai Resort & Villa. It’s one of the luxe new resorts in Phang Nga Bay, where you and your partner and slow down and embrace island living. From your bed, to the pool, to the beach, live your ideal day. With the addition of beach bars and pool bars, and Thai, Japanese, and international cuisine, you won’t miss a thing. If you do find yourself tiring from doing nothing, head out to the sea to look for Nemo with a pair of flippers and snorkelling goggles, or take a romantic sunset cruise along the blue seas.
Como Point Yamu, Phuket

Located on the tip of Cape Yamu in Phuket, COMO Point Yamu is a 5-star resort overlooking the glistening waters of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay, with a bird’s eye view of the surrounding islands. It’s home to 78 rooms, suites, and villas that are open, and are designed to complement the blue and turquoise accents of the sky and bay, blending together inside and outside living. When you and your partner step foot into the resort, the striking infinity pools will take your breath away, and make you want to never leave. With three restaurants serving fresh Italian; Thai; and COMO Shambhala cuisine, which focuses on ingredients sourced from Phuket and is packed with nutrition for your wellbeing; and two bars; there is plenty to feast on. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, book a cooking class or hike into the hillside and explore the gushing waterfalls of Phuket.
In the land of relaxation and massages, here are the crème de la crème of wellness retreats. If you are looking to start off your marriage on a blissful note, look at these resorts that will work through all your knots.
Chiva-Som, Hua Hin 

An award-winning luxury spa resort, Chiva-Som is renowned for its wellness programmes, where they focus on revitalising your mind, body, and spirit through both Western and Eastern wellness knowledge and practices. If you are looking to invest in your own wellbeing and start this new chapter with a clear mind, Chiva-Som is a great option. Their accommodations overlook the beach or gardens; while the holistic programmes will help you improve your health. You can partake in yoga, meditation, or even tai chi, all while their team help you make the most of your stay.
The Sukhothai Bangkok, Bangkok

Experience the heart of ancient Thailand, located in the middle of Bangkok’s Sathorn area, at The Sukhothai Bangkok. The grounds exude old-world elegance, with teakwood and marble furnishings, while the resort is surrounded by lush gardens and earthy lotus ponds, inviting you to disconnect the moment you enter. Their Spa Botanica is a wellness haven, where spa therapists use traditional Thai practices and modern techniques to give you the very best of relaxation, and they are about to unveil their all new luxury spa complex, The Sukhothai Spa, where guests can take advantage of the finest wellness experiences to soothe their body and soul. In addition to their spa, The Sukhothai Bangkok is home to award-wining restaurants, ensuring your stay will fulfil every one of your desires. Stay at The Sukhothai Bangkok for a tranquil retreat, while still having access to everything the city has to offer.
Centara Reserve Samui, Koh Samui 

Anew age for the leading Thai hospitality brand, Centara Reserve Samui serves top-tier luxury on a silver platter, served to you by your very own Reserve host. The resort sits on the quieter end of Chaweng beach, where you can avail of the calm serenity or the bustling nightlife, whichever you wish. The property unveiled their new look in 2022, with a modern and incredibly Instagrammable aesthetic. Featuring 184 rooms, six restaurant and bars, and a world-class spa, it has all the ingredients you need to make it a honeymoon to remember. The Reserve Spa Cenvaree is an immersive relaxation journey to rejuvenate your soul. They use aromatic oils and therapeutic herbs that are locally harvested from the grounds.
For the conscious couple, who strive to lead a sustainable lifestyle, these resorts are eco- friendly and yet dripping in luxury. You can get everything you want, without doing harm to the environment around you. Make your honeymoon a guilt-free one!
Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

Often labelled as the leader of sustainable hospitality, Soneva Kiri marries eco- friendly practices with all things luxury, where you are truly spoiled without harming your natural surroundings in Koh Kood. For your stay, choose from one of their spacious 33 pool villas, with the option of staying on the beach or perched on a cliff. After tying the knot, Soneva Kiri has everything you and your partner need to relish in your new status, from Michelin-starred chefs to serve you luscious dishes, to a serene spa, where you are the priority. The team will also help you plan a range of activities like stargazing, a cinema under the stars, or diving in the clearest waters. Soneva Kiri welcomes you to experience true luxury, where you can slow down and experience a child-like wonder for nature all over again.
Keemala, Phuket

Perched on a hillside, Keemala overlooks Kamala village and the Andaman Sea, with 38 private pool villas that sit amongst the trees, designed to limit deforestation and let in plenty of natural light. The rooms are one-of-a- kind, with four different styles to choose from, spanning cottages, tents, treehouses, and nests, each drawing from natural and rustic elements to root you in your surroundings. Keemala invites you into their sanctuary, where you can even choose to take part in one of their holistic retreats, offering you massages, healing treatments, healthy cuisine, and exercise, designed to help you energise. Their ingredients are all locally- sourced or from their in-house garden, where they grow their own vegetables and herbs. For couples looking to recharge after the wedding festivities, head to Keemala for an unforgettable stay, where luxury is guilt-free. 
The Sarojin, Khao Lak 

Nestled on an 11km-stretch of white sand in Khao Lak is a romantic and luxe romantic escape. The Sarojin is home to 56 luxury guest residences, with a dedicated team to personalise your stay based on your needs. The resort celebrates romance, and have a variety of activities for couples, making it a perfect option for couples. You can enjoy a candle-lit dinner on the beach or at a jungle waterfall, or charter their Lady Sarojin luxury boat for a day trip or sunset cruise. Additionally, The Sarojin highlights wellness with their spa, yoga classes, and meditation classes. As a luxury resort, they have committed to going entirely plastic free, by giving guest re-usable aluminium water bottles. Their ethos is rooted in helping the community around them, which is why they started the Sarojin Khao Lak Community Fund, which works with a variety of orphanages, animal welfare, construction, and more

Chatrium Grand Bangkok

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ABOUT Chatrium Grand Bangkok

In the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District, Chatrium Grand Bangkok is one of the city’s newer properties, “designed as a sanctuary for guests to escape busy metropolitan life.” Showcasing upscale, world-class Thai hospitality, the hotel accommodates F&B gems such as their signature French- Mediterranean Casia, their East-meets-West Savio restaurant, and Flow, which serves light yet comforting bites with eye-catching views of the cityscape. The state-of-the-art facilities blend the grandeur of Thai design with contemporary amenities, with both indoor and outdoor venues, as well as the option to hold a poolside mehendi or other event.

Masala Recommends: for those looking for a brand-new hotel located in the heart of the shopping district, with a beautiful, pillarless ballroom and large, luxurious guestrooms.

event areas

The Chatrium Grand Ballroom



Largest event space (cocktail style): The Chatrium Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 500 guests

Baar Bar

Baar Bar

By Mahmood Hossain

Surely, newlyweds have meticulously gone through every detail of their wedding festivities leaving no stone unturned. Not a single element is out of place, crucial to presenting the most memorable and ideal wedding experience. And not a single drop goes to waste, which means there is careful consideration of the types of beverages that will be mixed by their bartenders or servers, swigged by their guests, and enjoyed by all.

We asked a few experts in the world of alcoholic beverages about their own experiences and observations of how South Asian couples and families are incorporating spirits, signature cocktails, and other wonderful concoctions into their wedding festivities. But before we dive into a more personal take from our local experts, the kind folks at Diageo Moët Hennessy have given us a general overview of all the beverage trends capturing the market’s attention.

What is trending at the moment and which drinks are in demand?
Globally, rum is making a comeback, but our customers still love gin and continue to look for premium tequila. Special or signature cocktails are always in demand for most weddings and we always aim to deliver world-class, customised cocktails. From our own experience, personalised cocktails with advanced techniques have consistently made it to the top of the list.

What do couples and their families traditionally request for weddings?
A simple mix of whisky or personalised cocktails is the usual affair, as they become the perfect combination of delicious and refreshing drinks suitable for weddings.

Any tips for beginners hoping to add a list of wonderful drinks for their festivities?
For future plans, mocktails and non-alcoholic wine and beer will be great choices to experiment with for weddings. In turn, it would give us the opportunity to utilise our products, such as Seedlip or Tanqueray, and incorporate them into new blends and drink ideas. And if you are a health-conscious consumer, aim for low alcohol by volume and gluten-free drinks, which can serve as a better alternative.


What seems to be the alcoholic beverage of choice at weddings?

Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director, Gulp Bangkok:
There has been a huge shift towards tequila and a variety of gin. The natural assumption for Indian weddings is that there is a high consumption of whisky. However, we have come to witness, especially at blockbuster-scale weddings, the tequila and gin duo has become the preferred companion to these celebrations. Moreover, the variety of gins in the market is extremely popular with the modern-day crowd because of the price point. It also goes to show that people are educated on the types of drinks they consume and have a sophisticated palette. They know their cocktails and desire strong, bold flavours, and avoid repeat drinks. They need variety.

Nakul Roy, Commercial Director, Bacardi Thailand:
In Thailand, premium and luxury tequila and agave spirits seem to be the “flavour of the month” among discerning consumers. We are confident we can thrive in this space with our powerful brand Patron and we offer consumers a best-in-class tequila. In key tourist areas, we see a huge uplift in premium white rum, Bacardi consumption, especially in simple mixed drinks such as a cuba libre or popular cocktails such as mojitos and daiquiris. For nightlife, premium events, and festivals, Grey Goose Vodka seems to be the drink of choice, either with bottle service or simple mixed cocktails. We are also seeing keen interest in our Dewars whisky range on these occasions, especially the 15-year-old.

Kieran James, GM International Business, Third Eye Distillery:
Beverage trends ebb and flow with the ever-changing times. Observing how these trends vary across neighbouring countries is intriguing, as I’ve experienced during my travels around Southeast Asia in recent months. Amidst the diversity, a few noteworthy trends have emerged. When you step into a top-notch cocktail bar today, you’re likely to encounter a captivating drink featuring a clarified milk punch, a mesmerising creation born out of the process of redistilling, or perhaps an irresistible elixir crafted through fermentation techniques. Moreover, sustainability has become a prevalent theme, with a focus on minimalistic yet extraordinary libations that harmoniously blend technique and flavour. And it’s impossible not to mention the ever-simple yet enduring highball cocktail.

What seems to be the alcoholic beverage of choice at weddings?

Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director, Gulp Bangkok:

Wedding parties now require a full bar service with vodka, a selection of gins, blended whiskey like Chivas, single malts, white rum for common mojito requests, and tequila like Jose Cuervo. The more the merrier because that gives us the opportunity to create more and discover new drinks.

Kieran James, GM International Business, Third Eye Distillery:
While it may not be the most common request, many are now requesting bespoke cocktail menus. With meticulous attention to detail, our team of experts can tailor menus to align precisely with their preferences. To ensure absolute perfection, we’ve organised workshop sessions before the grand event, where the couples could sample each recipe and provide feedback. This collaborative approach allows us to fine-tune the drinks and create an impeccable beverage experience. We relish working with wedding couples who share our passion for exceptional beverages and appreciate the significance of every detail of their special day. Amidst the myriad elements that go into wedding planning, the beverage offering often remains overlooked in terms of its potential to elevate the occasion and create a truly memorable experience. This is slowly changing.

Nakul Roy, Commercial Director, Bacardi Thailand:
Most wedding couples and their families usually go with trusted, well-known spirits that are meticulously crafted, with a focus mainly on the liquid. Decision-making factors seem to be based on mouthfeel, smoothness, drinkability, and/or mixability. We get wedding orders on Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire to be their most desired brands and also a lot of interest in our Martini Prosecco and sparkling wines. It goes without saying Bacardi, Patron, and our whisky portfolio with Dewars and Aberfeldy single malts do very well.

What type of drinks are customers leaning toward as of late?

Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director, Gulp Bangkok:
What we have noticed recently are that specific labels of gin, such as Roku and Hendricks, remain a crowd favourite; The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is another that is gradually making the rounds. It’s becoming more apparent that clients are searching for a boutique experience, searching for bottles from Lady Triêu, a contemporary gin from Vietnam, and Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin from Japan. Aside from the gins and the selection of tequila from Don Julio, 1800, and Cenote, an ultra-premium 100% Agave Azul Tequilana Weber tequila, are leading the charge in that category.

Kieran James, GM International Business, Third Eye Distillery:
The landscape of wedding beverages is experiencing a fascinating shift, with an increasing desire for bespoke offerings that infuse weddings with an air of uniqueness. Gone are the days when couples settle for the same old drinks that have been tirelessly replicated at numerous celebrations. Today’s younger wedding couples yearn for libations that reflect their individual style, veering away from mainstream offerings. This presents an exciting opportunity for experimentation and discovering new, distinct brands that captivate their senses and contribute to a truly personalised celebration.

There must have been, or continue to be, unique themes or types of drinks wedding parties have requested. 
Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director, Gulp Bangkok:
It shouldn’t be surprising that people nowadays want to carry out their celebrations in a responsible and sustainable manner. Sustainability is now in every industry. We have couples who require zero waste and no plastic. This forced us to be more creative with the drinks we present. For example, using every bit of the fruit for a cocktail has brought about new challenges, and it’s a unique addition to the drinks menu.

We have also been requested to recreate drinks from famous bars, which can be a risky proposition because we are essentially copying others. Clearly, we want to avoid that as much as possible. One massive challenge, however, is when a couple approached us to provide a winter-themed bar set, where they only had all ice bars. You can imagine how difficult it was to manage a slippery surface and keep it at a particular temperature throughout the festivities.

Kieran James, GM International Business, Third Eye Distillery:
Every wedding celebration deserves a beverage programme that stands out and leaves an indelible impression. One sure-fire way to achieve this is through a bespoke cocktail menu. As an example, we once had the pleasure of working with a wedding party where the couple desired ‘his’ and ‘her’ signature cocktails. Collaborating closely with our talented mixologists, the couple participated in the creation process, resulting in a delightful libation that became a symbol of their union throughout the festivities. We even took the time to teach them the recipe, allowing them to revisit and commemorate their special day whenever they desire, through the magic of their bespoke cocktail.

Nakul Roy, Commercial Director, Bacardi Thailand:
Modern twists on classic cocktails are still very much in vogue at wedding parties, from creative twists on negronis and old- fashioneds, to more accessible cocktails such as using exotic fruits and refreshing herbs and ingredients. Personalisation and ‘building your own’ drink continues to be a popular choice, such as choosing your own garnish for gin & tonics, or bespoke espresso martinis. 

What advise would you give to soon-to-be newlyweds hoping to have the best combination of beverages for Indian wedding festivities?
Vikram Arunagiri, Managing Director, Gulp Bangkok:
They have to allocate the budget wisely. The drinks are as important as the food for wedding events. Too many couples tend to overlook this detail, which leads to an unfavourable outcome when the alcohol bill arrives. You want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. To freshen things up, boutique products can also be incorporated into the menu. I highly suggested that you invest a little more into the beverage selection so you are guaranteed authenticity and high quality. If you want the wedding to be more memorable than it already is, the experience can be elevated by this approach.
Kieran James, GM International Business, Third Eye Distillery:
The key is to embrace an open-minded spirit of exploration. Break free from the confines of the status quo and dare to discover new and exciting possibilities. To navigate this journey, seeking guidance from a knowledgeable expert can be immensely valuable. At Stranger & Sons, we pride ourselves on offering precisely such guidance, helping you curate a beverage programme that perfectly encapsulates your vision. Through private tastings tailored specifically for wedding couples, we can guide you through the entire process, providing insights on where to start and unveiling a world of flavours and possibilities that will ensure your wedding beverages are nothing short of extraordinary.
Nakul Roy, Commercial Director, Bacardi Thailand:
Having a vast selection is great but sometimes it’s best to be decisive to help hasten the decision-making at the bar for your guests. Keep it simple on yourselves and your planners – you will have enough vendors and suppliers so sometimes it can be more efficient to choose suppliers that have a one- stop shop for spirits with a strong portfolio offering in lead category status. We have a full portfolio and will continue to cater to these momentous occasions. Our distributor, IWS, and pretty much all key wholesalers, carry our brands. You can reach out to our office directly and our sales teams and marketing team will be more than happy to assist and guide you in the right direction throughout your selection process.

Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai

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ABOUT Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai

One of the main draws of the Eastin Grand Hotel Phayathai is its location in the middle of a mixed-use complex, which will allow you and your guests easy access to retail stores and more. In the heart of the City of Angels, the property has direct access to the Phaya Thai BTS Skytrain station and the Airport Rail Link, and has a multitude of gorgeously- appointed rooms, ranging from deluxe rooms to two- bedroom suites and even penthouse suites; and two outdoor swimming pools of generous proportions. Its range of F&B options are sure to delight, including The Market@5, which is inspired by the growing popularity of food truck culture and is serving street-food-inspired delights from around the world; and Trattoria@22 which is dishing up Mediterranean favourites with a modern twist. With over 15 fully-equipped meeting rooms, the hotel has the capacity and capability to host gala Indian weddings, with options such as their sizeable and high-tech Phayathai Grand Ballroom, and their outdoor garden deck.

Masala Recommends: for its convenience, proximity to the Airport Rail Link, and state-of-the-art event venues.

event areas

The Phayathai Grand Ballroom



Largest event space (cocktail style): The Phayathai Grand Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 1,000 guests

The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

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ABOUT The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

The award-winning brand The Standard has brought its unique hospitality and design concept to Southeast Asia for the first time, opening its flagship Asia property in the iconic Mahanakhon building. Having already won numerous accolades for its design by Jamie Hayon and their team, the buzzy new hotel was in the Conde’ Nast Traveler Hot List 2023 and is sure to be a one-of-a-kind venue for events of all descriptions. Each of the 155 rooms in this landmark property channel retro aesthetics, while its distinctive F&B venues are the talk of the town, from Tease, its eclectic and artsy tea room; to Mott 32, which serves award-winning Chinese cuisine; to their crown jewel Ojo, which serves elevated and authentic Mexican classics; and more. Couples looking for a unique venue can privately reserve both Ojo and Sky Beach, the highest cocktail bar in Bangkok and the third highest rooftop in the world. There, you can start your ‘happily ever after’ with a stunning sunset all around you, and an unparalleled bird’s eye view of the sprawling cityscape below, with the glass skywalk just steps away – truly an unforgettable experience.

Masala Recommends: for those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and wedding in the city’s tallest skyscraper. Their range of F&B options is sure to add (literal) flavour to any wedding event.

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Largest event space (cocktail style): Sky Beach and Ojo, which can host up to 300 people