6th July 2019 

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queens Park


Nikhil Dodani, The Groom, born and raised in Bangkok Thailand.
Monisha Sawlani, The Bride, born and raised in Panama City, Panama.


How did you and your husband meet?

Our story began in June 2017 somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We were both vacationing on a seven-night cruise which embarked from Singapore. With 3,840 passengers aboard the Voyager of the Seas, we somehow managed to find each other, and never let go.

On the cruise, formal suppers were hosted in where families would be assigned to their fixed seats every night. That’s where Nikhil first spotted Monisha. Four nights of eye contact were exchanged until Nikhil finally had the courage to speak to her.

By the time conversations developed, it was time for passengers to disembark. Thankfully Nikhil had the nerve to ask her for her contact details!

Over thousands of messages were shared over the course of four months; until Nikhil decided to fly down to Panama to celebrate his 29th birthday with her. 

As their conversations grew, Nikhil finally mustered up the courage to invite Monisha to Dubai in order for them to spend their first Valentine’s together.

This seven-day adventure brought in loads of shared memories and inside jokes along with really getting to know one another better. And this is where they knew they were meant for each other. From the rustic Dubai Safari to a full-fledged romantic Dinner in the Sky: this was a trip of a lifetime! 


Tell us about the proposal. 

In the month of June 2018, they both realized their commitment to one another, their incredible respect and love for their families and friends, and commitment to achieving career goals and aspirations: they were no longer afraid to take the next step.  

Once again, Nikhil hopped on a plane and flew down to celebrate his 30th birthday with her in Panama.

During the very same trip, Nikhil asked Monisha’s parents for her hand in marriage, and a couple of days into the trip, he proposed to the love of his life at a beautiful rooftop restaurant setup with roses, pictures and candles! Enjoyed a fancy dinner and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate! The proposal took place at a private terrace of an amazing fusion restaurant called Azahar.


How and why did you choose your wedding venue?

The hotel is located smack in the middle of Bangkok city – which would be extremely convenient for guests residing in Bangkok. Additionally, this hotel was able to accommodate a larger scale wedding given its multiple ballroom options. Given the hotel’s large property, we were able to host different occasions in different ballrooms – providing a unique experience for our guests.

The Marriott was able to provide a tremendous variety of veg/non veg cuisine: Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, and Lebanese.

Additionally, there were no limit to number of live stations we could put up. Guests generally enjoy eating off live stations as the food is fresh and comes in smaller portions – allowing them to experiment the entire assortment.

Guest room vacancy was also a decision factor. We were also expecting a lot of foreign guests; in which the hotel was able to provide us with rooms.


What was your favorite moment from the wedding?

Our favorite moment was seeing all our family and friends fly down from 56 countries specially to celebrate our love. Made us feel special and loved.  


What was the most unique aspect of your wedding?

The Mehndi and Ring Ceremony Cruise Party! The dance floor was packed and it provided a unique experience to our guests to party down the Chaophraya River!


Did you face any challenges while planning the wedding?

The biggest challenge we faced was the bride, Monisha, not being in Bangkok during most of the wedding planning, which resulted in longer lead-time in decision-making given the 12 hour time difference.


Do you have any advice for couples getting married in Thailand?

  • Do plan way ahead! – at least eight months in advance.
  • Have just one representative from the family deal with the vendors – Having multiple family members speaking to vendors results in miscommunication and creates more room for mistakes.
  • Leave everything up to the wedding planners the day functions begin – it’s your time to enjoy your own wedding! 
  • Trust the planners blindly – they will deliver!
  • Enjoy every single moment during your wedding! It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will never come back and it is definitely the best moment of your life! 
  • Do take pictures every moment you can! My husband and I are still hoping for more photos!


Wedding Makers 

Wedding Planner: Shanaya Celebrations

“I’ve worked closely with Shanaya at one of my best friend’s wedding. They’re flawless.”

Make Up Artist: Drama Queen Make Up by Marisa

“Natural and modern make up”

Photographer/ Videographer: Koro

“They make trailers far better Hollywood.”

Wedding Decorator: Design by PeeraPach

Mehndi Artist: Lavina

Mehndi & Engagement Cruise Party: The Grand Chaophraya River Cruise

Wedding Choreographer: Kavita

Entertainment: DJ Ash

Catering: Rang Mahal, Belaire Bangkok and Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park

Website Vendor: Appy Couple

Alcohol and Mixology: Dr. Mixology

600 Guests 

6 Events