Twinkle Bhalla & Dev Chawla

7, 9, 11 August 2022
Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park and Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

Twinkle Bhalla and Dev Chawla tied the knot with heartfelt ceremonies over a span of three days in meaningful locations across Bangkok, including their respective homes and the Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. Having seen numerous weddings as part of the wedding industry, the couple’s primary focus was good food, booze, and entertainment, and their wedding ticked all the boxes, to the delight of their family and friends. They reveal more about those magical few days.

What made these two hotels the ideal locations for your wedding events?

Twinkle: At the time, I was employed at Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit, which acquainted me with the team and the property, and I had envisioned hosting one our events there. On the other hand, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park boasted a spacious outdoor area perfect for the mehendi and even though it unfortunately rained, we were impressed by their cuisine and excellent services.

What memory from those three days stands out to you the most?

Dev: The moment when Twinkle walked in during our wedding day. I turned and saw an angel walking towards me in her radiant white dress, ready to make our promises of ‘together forever’ with me.

Twinkle: Watching the ‘Same Day Edit’ showcasing all the wedding festivities made my eyes well up with tears. And for both of us, witnessing our parents joyfully dancing melted away any reservations and filled our hearts with pure bliss.

Which event did you both enjoy the most?

Undoubtably the mehendi celebration, which started at lunchtime and continued until past 8.30pm even though the venue was booked till only 5pm! Everyone enthusiastically took to the dance floor and got carried away with the lively games and as the bride, I even forgot to put on my mehendi during the event and had to do it later!

What was one surprising element you added to your wedding?

We gracefully danced our way into the reception, and at the exact moment when the groom lifted the bride, a stunning display of cold pyros illuminated the scene, adding an enchanting touch to the magical moment.

Finally, any tips for other soon-to-be newlyweds?

1. Start planning at least six months before the wedding so you can make arrangements, finalise vendors, and overcome any unforeseen challenges.

2. Communicate and collaborate with your family and friends: It can make the experience more enjoyable and strengthen your bond with them.

3. Trust the process: Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but have faith in your decisions and the professionals you’ve hired to execute your vision. Embrace flexibility and know that imperfections are a part of any celebration.

4. Prioritise enjoyment over perfection: Remember that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, savour the moments, and don’t let stress overshadow the joy of the occasion.

5. Take breaks and practice self-care.

6. Cherish the present moment: Take a step back to soak in the atmosphere. Appreciate the love, support, and happiness surrounding you. It’s a special time in your life, and you’ll look back on these memories with fondness.

7. Remember, it’s the love and joy shared between two people that truly make a wedding memorable, not the pursuit of perfection.

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VenueBangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park 
VenueHoliday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit

3 days of festivities – 4 events – 400 guests

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