Surangna Chansrichavala & Arthit Naidu

9-13 August 2022
Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, and more

Surangna Chansrichavala and Arthit Naidu began their journey of married bliss in a beautiful and emotion-filled series of ceremonies in locations spanning the bride’s residence, the Namdari Sangat of Thailand, Bangkok Marriott Hotel The Surawongse, Abandoned Mansion, and Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River. The events were all unique and heartfelt in their own way, ticking all the boxes for their dream wedding, including the bride’s resplendent Rahul Mishra outfit, which she had always envisioned wearing because of his impeccable craftsmanship. Despite holding the wedding during the monsoon season, not a cloud was in the sky, and they were able to channel a stunning winter- wonderland ambience at their reception, with white floral décor and a snow machine, a cherished dream of the bride. They both reveal more about this special occasion.

What did you take into consideration when choosing the hotel for your grand reception?

We picked Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River because it felt like a destination wedding; the ballroom comes with a big balcony next to the river so you don’t feel like you’re in Bangkok. The property is also known for their great hospitality and good food, and it holds a special place in our hearts as we used to eat and hang out there often when we were dating, and it’s where the proposal took place.

What moments during the wedding are ones that you’ll always remember?

The four rounds of pheras which marked the moment when we actually got married; the heartfelt moment when Arthit assured me that everything would be alright when I sat next to him at the gurudwara hall; and the doli, which we would say was the most emotional event.

Any tips for other couples looking to tie the knot?

● Don’t over index on making every little detail perfect. Savour the moment where your friends and family are showing up for you instead of sweating the small stuff.

● Choose a good planner and décor. Talk to them and see if you vibe with them. Be clear on what you want and see if they can deliver.

● It’s okay to delegate. We both were working full time, 9-6pm jobs right up until two days before the wedding. If you’re like us, make sure you ask friends and family for help so you don’t exhaust yourselves.

What creative parts of your wedding did you feel were very personal or memorable to you both?

A special highlight was having two dancing polar bears in tuxes at the afterparty. They were the life of the party, and everyone still talks about it today. We also had a gin bar and an espresso martini bar as these were our favourite drinks, and we wanted a winter wedding, so we also brought a snow machine to make ‘snow’ happen during Bangkok’s rainy season, with décor by Krungching กรุงชิง.

What’s an interesting anecdote from your wedding?

I had booked a hairstylist for my sisters, mum and me for the whole wedding. However, he didn’t turn up! Luckily our MUA helped and another stylist turned up to do my hair, in between her bridal jobs, trying to fit me in during each day. I’m so grateful for her!

Wedding Makers
Wedding Planner: Be My Guest
VenueFour Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River

5 days of festivities – 6 events – 500 guests

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