Shivangi Raj & Vinay Vaswani

  •  26-28 May 2023
    JW Marriot, Khao Lak

On the shimmering shores of Khao Lak, Shivangi Raj and Vinay Vaswani flew in from Singapore to hold their dream wedding, which they’d always wanted to do on a beach. Both from different parts of Asia, but having flown in from Singapore, they wanted a destination wedding that was intimate but also larger than life, with friends and family flying in from all over the world, and JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa truly delivered. They tell us more about this enchanting time of their lives.

What did you both find most appealing about Thailand, and what Thai elements did you add to your wedding planning?

Thailand is known for its hospitality, the people are as sweet as their mangoes, and it always gives you a sense of zen and happiness, which we wanted for our wedding. There was no better place for the beach wedding of our dreams. We had stamped Thai coconuts during the wedding welcome, our event menus were curated to give our guests the flavours of Thailand, and we even had a mango sticky rice-flavoured cocktail. And of course, we included Thai massage stations at every event to have our guests ready for the dance floor!

What was your favourite unexpected memory of your wedding?

There was a point at the wedding where everyone took their shoes off and got on top of the tables to dance. All around us were these crazy friends and family who ditched the dance floor for the tabletops, and that truly made us feel like we were on top of the world!

Wedding Makers

Wedding PlannerPink Palki
VenueJW Marriot, Khao Lak

3 days of festivities – 8 events – 270 Guests

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