Arosha Sehgal & Vicky Arora

28 October 2022
Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Gurudwara Singh Sabha and 
Bangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit

Arosha Sehgal and Vicky Arora held their dream wedding in Bangkok, which was an intimate affair with friends and relatives flying in from all around the world. Arosha was a vision as she walked down the aisle in the quintessential red outfit from Mrunalini Rao, the one element of her wedding that she had always envisioned. They both expand on how happy they were with every aspect.

You’re both from Thailand – why didn’t you choose a destination wedding, and why did you pick Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park?

We chose Thailand because most of our family and friends were based here. Although Arosha’s family flew in from India, we were happy to stay in Bangkok. We went with Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park because of their experience with Indian weddings – we knew without a doubt that the food and service they could provide for each event would be great.

Tell us a little about your favourite memory during the festivities.

Honestly, it would be our wedding day. It was such a beautiful moment where two families became one, and we both finally got married to the love of our life!

Which bridal designers did you pick and why?

Surabhi Chopra Label for Arosha’s reception outfit: it was love at first sight the moment she tried it on. Mrunalini Rao designed Arosha’s dream wedding day outfit, while Seema Gujral designed her mehendi outfit; the perfect outfit for the perfect event. Meanwhile, Sarab Khanijou designed Vicky’s outfits, which were all amazing. The colours he chose exactly fit each function!

Any tips for other couples looking to tie the knot?

The best advice we can give every couple is, enjoy every moment!

Which event was most enjoyable?

Hands down, our reception. It was the last function, so we were finally stress-free from all the wedding planning, and we could breathe a sigh of relief. We all partied through the night, and it was so great to see two families, and all our friends and loved ones, come together as one to celebrate our love. I think our happiness at finally being wife and husband really came through.

Why would you recommend Thailand as a wedding destination for other couples?

Thailand has the most beautiful beaches, so while we didn’t take advantage of them, we would definitely recommend anyone hoping for a beachside wedding to consider the golden sands in any of Thailand’s islands. Moreover, the food and service in the Kingdom is unparalleled, and there are a range of events teams here that can ensure that every detail is perfect. We didn’t have an event planner, but we knew that if we did choose to go that route, the ones here were excellent.

Wedding Makers
VenueBangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park
VenueGurudwara Singh Sabha
VenueBangkok Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit

4 days of festivities – 5 events – 450 guests

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