Anisha Chandak & Divye Chandak

Under the blue skies, amidst palm trees on the pristine beach in Hua Hin, Anisha Chandak and Divye Chandak celebrated their union with their friends and family present. They always dreamed of a beach wedding, making Thailand an indubitable option, where everyone could gather and create a wedding worth remembering for everyone involved. The couple went out of their way to make each event special by adding an element of surprise, all while they dressed in breathtaking outfits to match the aesthetics of their dream wedding.

Aside from its proximity to the beach, why did you choose this property?

We chose Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa, as it has a grand ballroom area, a huge swimming pool, and it has beach access too – Thailand’s beaches are its beauty! We held all our wedding events at these locations.

As a couple from abroad, what Thai elements did you incorporate into your wedding?

We hired our wedding planner, Krish Events, from Thailand, who worked wonderfully with local vendors. We welcomed our guests with a Thai dance, performed by Thai dancers dressed in traditional outfits. They looked so graceful, and the guests got involved and learned a few steps as well!

What were your favourite memories from your wedding?

The slight breeze in the air, the clear sky, and the beach while we took our vows. As ours was a love marriage, the moment was so magical, with positivity all around and the panditji singing and explaining everything; it was the best moment of our lives.

The most enjoyable event was the pool party. We had arranged multiple games, like a tug-of-war between both our families, and then most of us jumped into the pool, and we even had a beer-water gun fight!

Now that you’ve held your wedding in Thailand, would you recommend it to others?

Yes, it ticks all the boxes. Great food, great hotels, very courteous staff, and professional vendors. If someone doesn’t want to have palatial weddings (like in Rajasthan, etc.) then Thailand is a great option.

Weddings are a time to flex your creativity and surprise people. What were the most surprising elements of yours?

The drinks names such as Vitamin A and Vitamin D, were related to our names. Divye also planned a grand proposal during the welcome dinner, with fireworks that read ‘Will you marry me’, and he appeared with a ring to propose. Moreover, during the sangeet, Divye performed a solo performance where there was an easel placed behind him. While performing, he sprinkled glitter on it, and a sketch of my face appeared.

Additionally, all our entries were special. I rode into the welcome dinner on an RTV, with Divye behind me. For the pool party, we entered on a boat, and for the sangeet, silver boys glided beside us on Segway hoverboards, with balloons and sparkle poppers. On the wedding day, I chose something more traditional and walked in under a chaddar of flowers, and surprised Divye with a performance of “Makhna.” Lastly, for our reception, we arrived in a gorgeous white carriage, covered in pastel flowers, just like a fairytale.

If you had to re-do your wedding, what would you do differently?

We would have called more people to show them how to do it! It was a perfect wedding. Everyone who attended fondly remembers it, and we are still the talk of the town!

Wedding Makers
Wedding PlannerKrish Events
VenueSheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

3 days of festivities – 7 events – 350 guests

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